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Blue Moon Jewellery Lookbook

The last month has been a mini hurricane of travelling, working and catching up with friends from the UK in the Philippines. We reached Bali a week ago; both of us feeling a little broken and burnt out from too many nights out.

Luckily it seems that Bali is the place to be for a little R&R. We found an amazing villa which we are calling home for the next couple of months. It's just outside Canggu (the surfer district) so we can dip in and out of the busyness when we feel like it. Apart from that, I am happy to sit around the pool and edit photos ALL day long ;) We have an incredible rooftop overlooking the paddy fields and in the distance, you can see the volcano and the ocean. It's the perfect place to do morning yoga!

If you are in Bali or have any recommendations, send me a message! I would love to hear from you.

Below is my first jewellery photoshoot. My lovely friend Donna in Koh Phangan has been running the most beautiful handmade silver jewellery shop The Gallery on the island for a few years now. She wanted to build her presence online, so I've been designing her new website as well as shooting all the jewellery on our babe models Bri and Aida.

Mixing precious stones with contemporary silver designs, Blue Moon Jewellery is one for your Christmas list. We were gorging over all the beautiful pieces on this shoot.

I've decided to base my self in Bali for the next 6-8 months so get in touch at the bottom of this page if you run a fashion brand! I can't wait to get creative on this island and explore some new ideas!

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