Creating Editorial Fashion Photography: Editing Your Images in Lightroom

I recently released my first online course on Skillshare on How To Edit Fashion Photography in Lightroom.

When I started my career in Fashion Photography, I had some great images from my photoshoots but I wasn't sure how to edit the photographs to get that editorial Vogue look. I've put together my favourite tips from the last 3 years of experiencing in shooting and editing in this course.

The course is perfect for Photographers that want to learn more on Lightroom and for up and coming Fashion Photographers.

Skillshare is an amazing platform where you have unlimited access to thousands of courses from Business Management, Accounting, Creative Arts, Photoshop, Animation, Film and Video, Writing and much more! The subscription is $15 (£10) per month and has been worth it's weight in gold for me. I highly recommend joining Skillshare if you are a creative or business owner and learning new skills is important for your growth.

Follow this link for a 2 month free trial on Skillshare:

Hope you enjoy the course!

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