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Magic Mirror

Hey everyone! Long time no speaaaaak (my bad.. again)

I've just got back from a pretty epic 9 week solo trip in Morocco, Rome, Croatia and Barcelona. It was a crazy crazy whirlwind of a journey with a lot of self-discovery, growth and interesting lessons learnt along the way.

I spent 5 of the 9 weeks travelling and shooting in Morocco. I learnt that its not the easiest country to photograph in or travel for that matter; people are constantly asking for money and are adverse to the idea of photography. However culture-wise, it has so much to offer! Morocco - the home of olives, beautiful tiles, camels, tagine and cous cous, dusty roads, donkeys, argan oil, islamic architecture, hashish, cobbled streets and souks, desert, the MOST incredible craftsmanship and mint tea. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it!

Along the way, I had the opportunity to shoot with Magic Mirror. A Bristol brand that I LOVE! I don't often get the chance to photography products, but when I do I enjoy it so much! It allows me to unleash my creativity in a different realm. AND occasionally I come across a product and think YES! YES! YES! this is actually worth buying, I'll take 10. I mean there is a lot of crap out there that people are trying to flog. So when a designer designs something that solves a problem or multiple problems, is well put together and stylish, I'm a sucker for it!

Magic Mirror comes in a number of different styles and sizes. They are perfect for getting ready at festivals, to chuck in your handbag, on location at photoshoots and so much more! They are magnetic so you can stick them to a wall, a car, a trailer - the list goes on. The full length mirrors fold in multiple ways so you can use it as a vanity mirror, fold in a pyramid so you and your friend can get ready at the same time and hang them off the wall using the cute cord.

Maybe I should become their sales rep because SERIOUSLY - these are func-tion-al. I shot these images at the incredible Riad Be where I stayed for 2 blissful nights whilst in Marrakech. If you are visiting the city, book yourself in here. The waiting list is kind of long but worth it. The breakfast was something out of a dream. They have turtles (or turtoises?!) living on the roof. It was an oasis and I only wish I could have moved in for longer.

I am taking bookings for Autumn Winter so get in touch if you want to colab on a project!!

Love and sparkles,

Nicki xox

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