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Manifesting Your Dream Life & The PINK SHOOT for Black Girl Khronicles


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” P.Coelho

Sometimes the universe does work in mysterious ways. Earlier on this year, I re-read my favourite book - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Coelho writes novels so poetically, with metaphors about life woven into each sentence. His words are beautiful and the story of the travelling shepherds journey means a lot to me.

So much so in fact, that I got Maktub tattooed by bamboo on my inner forearm whilst I was in the Gili Islands a few months ago. Maktub is an Arabic word which translates to 'It is written'. The word repeats itself many times through out the book. It is similar to the concepts of fate, destiny and to believe in that whatever comes up in your journey is supposed to be happen for a reason or lesson.

Each time I look at my tattoo, I remind myself that life is about the journey and to enjoy it.. even the crappy bits where you are stuck on public transport for 6 hours in a foreign country without a seat to sit on.

This is my philosophy. To have peace in thinking what will be, will be. This being said, I don't want you to think I am a devout believer in humans not being in control of our own fates. As I get older, the more and more I am aware of the law of manifestation. Stay with me because this isn't some hippy dippy stuff...

When I am actively mindful and practise gratitude, I am abundant in everything. Beautiful people and friendships gravitate to me, amazing experiences happen on the daily, the sun is always shining. I have interesting career prospects and money coming to me, my happiness levels are on level ectasy, everything is going right and I feel invincible. I look around and am in awe of how beautiful and incredible the world is and how lucky I am to exist here on this little speck of green and blue floating through the milky way. I am open to the universe and because of that the universe is open right back at me. Does this sound familiar to you?

This isn't to say that I don't have low days because sometimes they hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't know what causes it but something internal shifts. Mindset. Focus. Expectations. I'm not sure what but I'm not on a roll anymore. I don't want to be socialable. Things just aren't flowing like it did before. A small set back has the potential to ruin my day. My ability to cope with problems is diminished. I am easily irritated. I question myself and my abilities. What I realise is, is that I'm not manifesting. And I am not expressing gratitude. For whatever reason, I got used to the expectation of everything going my way. And when something went wrong, instead of saying to myself 'It's okay, it's bound to happen every once in a while.', I allow it to shake my confidence.

Over the last year, this has happened to me several times. Sometimes the funk lasts for a day, other times weeks. I can blame it on external influences such as being on the road all the time, not being close to my family and close friends, work overload, stress in general. But in reality, I choose my response to all these situations. We all do.


At these times, I revert to my internal manifesto I keep in my head. I look at my tattoo to remind myself this isn't my philosophy, this isn't my desired mindset. I thought I would share this with you because I'm sure I'm probably not alone in feeling like this from time to time. Unfortunately the stigma about mental health still stands. It's important to know how to love yourself, because 99% of the time healthy mental-health flows from a little bit of self luv. So here goes:

  1. Practise your Daily Gratitude Diary - pick 3 things you are grateful for today and do this everyday. Before you take on the chaos of the day, focus on the joy these things bring you. Don't go for the obvious ones, pick the random things, little things that you don't acknowledge normally. Muse over them for a few minutes, write it down and APPRECIATE them.

  2. Yoga - There is something about sitting on my matt that brings me to attention and allows me to be totally present. Something about that pink rectangular piece of foam that centres me within the universe. I am so grateful for that feeling! Everyone knows exercise is an endorphin booster and the other thing I love about yoga is anyone can benefit from it; men, women, even the most inflexible person on this earth will benefit from yoga. Plus yoga is full of inversions which is great for getting the blood rushing to your brain and easing any depression.

  3. Take a day away from technology and social media - no explanation needed. Clocking off from the virtual world is important.

  4. Be present outside in NATURE. Absorb the greenness. Leave the phone at home.

  5. Eat the rainbow - When you are feeling rubbish, do not resort to eating a weeks worth of junk food. It makes you feel sluggish and guilty. Fill your plate with an unlimited amount of colourful salad, vegetables and fruits and you will be guilt-free and nutritiously fulfilled.

  6. Instead of asking what the world can do for you today, consider the following: How can I improve someone elses day today? The simple act of giving, instead of receiving will make someone else smile and by default will give you a natural high.

  7. Internal monologue - Lastly and probably the most important, be aware of your internal thoughts. How often do you criticise yourself? I am a virgo and a perfectionist. I feel the need to out perform myself constantly and you know what, sometimes that's just not possible. What you think, you become. It's true. Speak to yourself in the way you would speak to someone you love with all of your heart: your best friend, your partner, your family. Give yourself encouragement. Be kind. Think about the things you love about your personality and your body. A quote that sums this up is: You are allowed to be a masterpiece AND a work in progress simultaneously!

  8. Manifesting - How the hell are you going to get to where you want without clearly defined goals and an action plan? It's not possible to have all of these ideas contained inside your head that are competing with a million to-do lists and distractions. Set your sights on your highest potential, your biggest dreams, write it all down and refer back to it every day. YOU GOT THIS.

Have you got any tips for when you are out of the flow? Please share them with me!! If you are interested in manifestation, definitely read the Alchemist and also check out the Law of Attraction :)


So there I was sitting in Clock Cafe in Marrakech, trying hard to find good wifi (near impossible in Marrakech) when this group of girls arrived to the table next to me. I couldn't help but notice that they looked like the melanin rich, highly sassy version of Sex and the City, each in an amazingly styled outfit. We got chatting and I introduced myself and ask if they wanted to get together and do a shoot. I was in Marrakech for another 3 weeks and my schedule was flexible. I was dying to get out and shoot around the city and hadn't found any models yet.

Kalila or K introduced herself and told me that she was running a retreat for black girls. She wanted to inspire more black women to travel with her own love of travel. This is my kind of girl, I was thinking. And when I say the universe works in strange ways this is one of them....

Rewind: A few weeks before, I had died my hair pink. I had rocked up in Marrakech and I was literally the only person in that city (possibly in the whole of Morocco) with pink hair. I was beginning to doubt my decision as it warranted a whole load of unwanted attention from Moroccan men.

However Kalila turned round to me and said 'we've been planning this PINK shoot with all PINK outfits, our photographer cancelled on us. And then here you are rocking up, telling us you are a fashion photographer in Marrakech with your PINK hair.'

I mean come on!!! Sometimes it's rude to just pass certain situations off as coincidences :P Here are the photos!



Nicki xo

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