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Train to become a Muay Thai Champion at One Blue Sports Club

I joined the One Blue Sports Club on Koh Phangan for 6 weeks to completely reset my mental endurance, my body and push myself physically in a way I had never done before.

Within 2 weeks, I saw my muscles toned up across my whole body. I felt lighter, faster and more energetic. The gym has no air con, so this is the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight. You literally sweat it all out. All of those toxins from partying, eating junk food, smoking and any other dirty habits will literally be pouring out of you in no time.

After each two hour session, I would be buzzing for hours, pumped from one on one fighting with my trainer Pu Chan. It was amazing to push push push until I felt like my body couldn't go on any further but after having a one minute rest, bounce back with the same amount of energy as at the beginning of the session.

Most noticeable for me was my mood. Previously I would go through periods of super energetic and creative moods then after a few days, it would drop and I would become lethargic, slow and uninspired. I found by training so hard four times a week, my mood stabilised and any negative emotions like stress or anxiety evaporated as soon as I started hitting it back at Muay Thai.

Blue, the owner is amazing and offers insightful advice to get the most out of everyone that is training. It is also the only sports club on the island of Koh Phangan that offers Boxing training. This is great for people with knee or leg injuries that want to avoid the kicking in Muay Thai.

I highly recommend One Blue Sports Club and this gym is a must visit on your Koh Phangan travels!

If you have any questions, email Blue at

Book your session here:

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