blind owl coffee under a palm tree

I can't actually recommend Nicki enough.

I have a small coffee roasting company in Bristol, UK. Initially I thought that I just needed some new product shots for my website but actually, I needed almost a full overhaul of the website, our social media and promotional literature. How we looked digitally just did not match where we are now and the brand our customers experienced when they met us in person.

I wasn't altogether sure where to begin or even what I really needed. Before we started, Nicki took lots of time working with me to identify and focus in on what I wanted to achieve.

This approach was so helpful and within just a few days of filming, Nicki had produced a promotional video for our website, gorgeous professional shots of the companies products and everything I needed for seasonal marketing literature.

The final shots came out far better than I could have imagined, the video has completely changed the look and feel of my website and the professional finish of the images has given me the confidence to approach larger companies to talk about my products.

Patient, Professional and knowledgable. Will book her again next year.

Robyn Morley - CEO of Blind Owl Coffee Co.

Sazzu Hope testimonial.jpg

I reached out to Nicki from Under a Palm Tree, because I had seen a lot of her work and it felt like the right person to help me with a personal project/vision I had had for months.


She really understood what I wanted, and helped me bring my vision to life!


During the shoot, I had never felt so comfortable and playful! I have had quite a few photo shoots, but nothing was quite like this. Expressing myself in this way was very outside of my comfort zone, but I felt supported and relaxed because of how she held space for me, and even made me try different things that I hadn't thought of.


I honestly had CHILLS when I got the video back. WOW. I never saw myself in the way I am in that video. My vision came alive!


I highly recommend working with her. She's got such a beautiful style, eye, and really can tap into what you want and give you MORE.


Thank you Nicki!

Sazzu Hope - Success Coach

one blue muay thai koh phangan

Nicki is a thrill to work with.


She is patient even when I'm killing her in the class, creative, proactive and the best part of the photoshoots is that we didn't have to pose.


We were all captured just being our crazy self's and the pictures were awesome. 

Nicki is like an Energizer bunny... One minute she's kicking the bags and the next she's snapping shots. 

We are definitely going to work with her on our upcoming Muay Thai Title fight show.


We HIGHLY recommend UNDER A PALM TREE , you won't be disappointed 💪💪💯💥🥇🔥

Valeone Malek - Owner of One Blue Sports Club

Caroline Smith Mclean Hypnotherapy portr

Nicki recently did some branding shots for me for my business.


Not only was she really professional but she was so easy to get on with and made me feel really comfortable.

Straight from the time I booked in with her she started sending me ideas and finding out more about what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier!

I definitely didn’t want those headshots in front of a white wall and Nicki totally delivered and I feel really captured not only my branding but my personality too!

Thank you so much xx

Caroline Smith Mclean Hypnotherapy

Puckoo Couture

Nicki was a dream to work, she's not only a very talented photographer but is also very intuitive to a brands needs. It can be difficult for swimwear designers in the UK to get the type of product imagery that we want to represent our brand so when Nicki proposed a shoot in Vietnam, I jumped at the opportunity.


I had seen Nicki's work on my feed because she worked with Burnt Soul clothing and her eye for this type of work is incredible. I had never worked with a photographer on a different continent before but she kept me in the loop at every possible moment and made my dreams come true.


The final images are just stunning and I can't recommend her highly enough. I already know we will be shooting again.

Thanks so much Nicki!

Kirsty - Owner and Designer of Lime Blonde

Burnt Soul Clothing

Absolutely loved working with Nicki from start to finish! We gave her our brief and a Pinterest board of the vibe we were after before hand. She instantly got what we were after.


Communication was excellent from then on out, usually i’d feel a little unsure about not being there for the day but Nicki had asked for all the information she needed prior to the shoot and kept us in the loop on the day. She found amazing models that suited our brand to a T and researched the best locations for us.


Nicki took care of everything from the styling to the editing and the photos came back to us in record time. I’d highly recommend Nicki for her passion, creative eye and professionalism… you won’t be disappointed!!

Robyn Lythe - Owner of Burnt Soul Clothing

Wonderfruit Festival

Even though I enjoy photoshoots, I feel shy in front of the camera. I become very self-conscious, wondering whether I look good, or if I look fat.

It was so helpful to have Nicky guide me and encourage me. She was really good at positioning me, adjusting the little things so I do look good. I was extremely happy with the photos.

I’ve done some photoshoots in the past where I looked great and sexy, but… you couldn’t say it was me. With Nicki, I looked great and I looked like myself.

She knew how to bring my uniqueness out, without turning me into someone I’m not. I loved working with her. I’ve recommended her to all my friends, and I will definitely continue working with her.

Wonderfruit Festival

Nicki is a thrill to collaborate with!! The images speak for themselves… A wonderfully talented lady, with a great expertise in fashion photography.


Nicki’s vision as a whole is fantastic, exactly what we needed for our brands “look” .With a quick brief she was able to capture stunning, eye-catching images, she also took on board finding the gorgeous locations, searching for appropriate models as well as perfectly styling the shoots.

Nicki’s efficiency and professionalism meant everything ran smoothly, she gave prompt responses to contact and kept us up to date. The images were received within the set time scales and we genuinely felt we could trust Nicki handling and returning expensive items.


We are now signed up to do regular shoots with Nicki and cannot wait, the images just can’t be rivalled from a UK shoot! I would highly recommend working with Nicki if you want to free time to focus on other aspects of your business, upgrade your brands website and social media and genuinely work with a beautiful soul!

Wonderfruit Festival

If you're looking for a fashion photographer and all round fab lady I can't recommend Nicki enough.


From creative ideas, to amazing photography, proactive directing and speedy editing I not only got the most amazing look-book, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and can't wait to do it again!




Nicki was a calming influence from the start of our photoshoot.


I’m usually pretty self conscious and nervous when a lens is pointing at my face, but those old feelings quickly
fell away, partly as I knew I was in safe professional hands, and partly as Nicki’s character makes it so easy to relax and have a chilled out time with.

She has a beautiful blend of human kindness and visual photographic talent.

I’ll be recommending her to lots of people.

kjs studio.jpg

Nicki was an absolute dream to work with from start to finish. We made contact months before I was actually ready to shoot which meant there was lots of back and forth and a trusting relationship was formed before we ever met.

When it came to shoot time, Nicki completely understood my vision and my brand ethos. I was really nervous about not being on set during the shoot but I had absolute faith in Nicki, and she definitely delivered!

She was so helpful and attentive all the way through, with finding a model and location and kept me in the loop about everything and most importantly the final images were great!

Wonderfruit Festival

I have nothing but praise for Nicki and her operation. From the minute we started collaborating through to receiving our lookbook, she took the time to understand our unique needs and produce a set of photo’s that far exceeded our best expectations.

If you're a small business with big ambitions, and your looking for a photography service to manage production, deliver stunning lifestyle imagery, with quick turnaround times and all for exceptional value, Under A Palm Tree is the one for you!

We’re already looking forward to working together again soon!


Nicki Silvanus has a keen eye for photography and knows exactly how to capture the soul of her subject. She is a free spirited professional that understands the concept of photographing a timeless moment.

As a client with a brand that embodies, Fashion Style, Community & Culture it’s imperative to work with a photographer that has an authentic range. Nicki of Under A Palm Tree has depicted through her eyes, the essence of the K.KHRONICLES brand umbrella. She is an asset to any project, especially those that require capturing a company narrative. 

Kalila Ingram Of K.KHRONICLES  


The collaboration with Nicki was absolutely fabulous. We didn't meet but the communication was really good and she understood instantly what I wanted.

Her model was great and perfect for my jewelry. She shot in different places with different backgrounds, I really love the result! I highly recommend you to work with this great photographer.