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After buying a van and travelling Europe at the age of 20, a passion for travel was realised and Under A Palm Tree was born. The seed had been sown. An overwhelming urge to venture far and wide. To discover tropical lands. To experience the unusual and the crazy.


From this point in my life onwards, I knew I wanted to become a nomad before I even knew that it was a thing! It is the romantic in me that desires ever-changing landscapes, beautiful sun-drenched beaches and most importantly the freedom. It is the explorer in me that needed something different to a 9-5 job. A trait which I thought had plagued me in my younger years had actually propelled me towards my true ‘calling’.


When I made the jump, leaving home in the UK on a permanent basis in 2016, I knew I had made the right decision. Not really sure how to fund my travels, I took my savings and moved to South East Asia in search of inspiration.


I didn’t have to look far. As soon as I landed in Thailand, I picked up my camera and began shooting. Over the following months, I got to grips with the settings and different lighting conditions. Four months later, I met Rosaura on the island Koh Phangan. We decided to do a fashion shoot together and from that day on I was in love the camera (Picture from our first shoot together below). Since then, I have done countless shoots with my beautiful Argentinian friend.


I have shot and filmed for fashion & jewellery brands, at festivals, retreats & nightclubs, for families, couples & boudoir sessions, personal businesses and magazines all over the globe.


The whirlwind of the last 2 years alone has allowed me to travel to and explore many of my bucket list countries from Thailand (of course) to Vietnam, from the Philippines and Indonesia to Kazakhstan, Morocco, Croatia, Italy and Spain. And I hope to add a few more to the list in 2019.


The amazing thing about a career in photography and videography is that inspiration can be found from the micro to the macro and everything in between. The only prerequisite for the projects I am involved with is to satisfy the following- ‘Am I interested in it?’.


My signature style is using COLOUR. I love to emphasise the beauty of the natural world in which we live; that, hands down is my greatest source of inspiration. So get in contact if you are looking for someone that is in love with creation, obsessed with photography & branding and will always look for that new angle!


Under A Palm Tree



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fashion lookbooks

Are you a fashion designer?

I used to run a fashion label and my number one problem was that I didn't have the time to create all the content and photoshoots that I wanted. Having spoken with many other designers, I found I was not alone.


It takes energy to plan and execute quality photoshoots. As a start-up or independent fashion brand, you may not yet have the time or funds to justify flying a team out to a beautiful island every season. In between running the day to day business, designing collections, giving amazing customer service, running pop up shops and festival stalls, killing it on social media and everything else, lookbooks are always easy to fall down the priority list.


This is where I come in! I specialise in fashion photography lookbooks in exotic locations. By doing this, I am able to combine my three greatest passions: Fashion, Photography and Travel. YAY!

White studio photography definitely has its place, but to really reach out your customer you need context and a story; in other words, a fully styled outfit and inspiring location.

With experience in editorial fashion photography, styling and branding, I can help you achieve the lookbook images of your DREAMS by elevating your brand presence through stylized advertising, personal branding and product photography.

I will work with you to design your lookbook vision from mood, story and outfits. I will scout the location and source the perfect models and props to shoot your collection.

Drop me an email at lifeunderapalmtree@gmail.com or send me a message at the bottom of this page if you are ready to take your brand to the next level. ​

Nicki xo

Download my photography packages PDF here


travel content

Travel has long been a major passion of mine and I love to share my love for exploring the world and new experiences. 


I have a keen interest in photography, videography and writing which combined with my love for culture, adventure and adrenaline experiences, holistic lifestyle, sport, music, food, architecture and events means I can promote your company or event in the best possible way.

What I Cover​

  • Festivals & events 

  • Weddings

  • Product

  • Family, couple and pregnancy photoshoots

  • Adventure activities

  • Restaurant & food

  • Travel & tour companies

  • Yoga schools & holistic lifestyle

  • Hotels & guesthouses

  • Magazines & online media

  • Travel gear reviews

  • Brand Ambassadorships

Contact me at lifeunderapalmtree@gmail.com or send me a message at the bottom of this page. ​

Nicki xo


Wonderfruit Festival
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Wonderfruit Festival
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Wonderfruit Festival
Puckoo Couture
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Wonderfruit Festival
Wonderfruit Festival
Burnt Soul Clothing
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Wonderfruit Festival
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House of Junk
House of Junk
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